The 3 Computer Languages for People Interested in Process Improvement

Date: 9/13/2016
Author: Descreye Solutions

The key to successful process improvement is good data analytics. Data helps to identify problems and predict solutions. While a lot of data can be gleaned from GUIs in various programs, it is inevitable that the GUI won't provide the data as an analyzed solution. That is where these programming languages assist the user in gathering, analyzing, and summarizing the data that is necessary for successful process improvement.

  1. SQL

    SQL (Structured Query Language) is no doubt the data gatherers language of the past and the foreseeable future. SQL is used in virtually all modern databases to read, update, delete, and add data. SQL is required for gathering the raw data that is essential to most process improvement projects. Fortunately SQL is, by comparison, a rather simple language to learn. Much can be done by combining the basic constructs of select and join statements. For some great tutorials on SQL got to W3Schools.

  2. R

    R is a programming language for statistical analysis. Once data is collected using SQL (which can actually be done within R), R is the tool that can be used for summarizing and aggregating that data. While R does not have the universality that SQL enjoys, it is a rising star in the field of data analytics. Using R it is possible to create replicable analysis, tables, graphs, charts, etc. The strength of R is in its ability to programmatically analyze data. R is an important skill in data analytics for someone interested in process improvement

  3. Excel VBA

    While Excel VBA is not the cutting-edge language for process improvement, it definitely still plays a prominent role in projects. Excel VBA is the programming language used to manipulate Excel into doing additional analysis beyond its featured capabilities. For instances when linear programmatic analysis is necessary on data sets, Excel VBA can provide that functionality in a software that most people already have on their computers. Additionally, Excel VBA has been around long enough that there are lots of resources available to learn the language. There are also lots of code examples that can likely help you get close to the solution that you require. Excel VBA continues to be a great universal tool for doing the data analytics necessary for process improvement.

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