OPS - Power in Simplicity

I would not give a fig for the simplicity on this side of complexity,
but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Systems are complex, but the tools we use to understand them don't have to be. OPS strives to provide a simple tool that allows people to get insight into how variation affects their systems. Below are some of the ways we implement worthwhile simplicity in OPS.

Simple interface

The OPS interface is not meant to be used to make huge and elaborate simulation models, but quickly and simply test parts of dynamic systems. As such, the interface doesn't need the complexities that are found elsewhere. If what you want is some quick analysis, then OPS will do that better than anyone. If you are interested in creating complex or extensive simulations, then check out this list of discrete-event simulators.

Rapid model building

OPS creates the flow while you create the model. It does this by connecting objects linearly as they are added to the model. If you need to go back and edit objects, then that is a fast process, as well. All the editable variables are displayed in the same view for all the objects. This makes it quick and easy to create and change the model characteristics with just a few mouse clicks.

Intuitive variation

Variation is the root of simulation. OPS allows people to understand the effects of variation. Traditionally distribution fitting is an integral part of simulation, but with OPS this work is done for you. OPS accepts values (e.g. "6"), distributions (e.g. "normal(10,2)"), or, most uniquely, a list of observations (e.g. "6,11,7,7,8,10,15"). If a list of observations is given, then OPS creates a distribution from those observations and samples from it to produce the variability that was observed in the system.

Easy scenario testing

With the built in experimentation capability, all you need to do is select the variable you want to test, add the values you want to test, input the number of replications you want for each scenario, and hit go. OPS will run the simulation for each scenario and collect statistics to determine the effect the change had on the system.

Cloud model storage

Away from your work computer? Don't worry about it. OPS stores all your models in the cloud for easy access at anytime. Worried about security? Contact Descreye Solutions if you are interested in an self-hosted intranet solution.

Collaborative sharing

With OPS it is easy to share your work with colleagues. OPS allows you to share your simulation models with anyone else. Don't want them to be able to edit the model? With permission levels you can allow users to only view the simulation model or go ahead and give them the ability to edit it. It's up to you.

Tablet friendly

On the shop floor, and what to test an idea. OPS is tablet-friendly, which means it is easier than ever to demonstrate the effect of a change in real-time. OPS is compatible with any tablet that has a modern browser.

No install necessary

OPS runs in a modern browser. So unless you are still hanging on to version 8 of Internet Explorer, OPS can be used without installing anything. This makes it easy to get started simulating your system.

Faster insight

All these benefits contribute to the most important thing about building a simulation, insight. If we already know the answer (and everyone agrees), then there is no reason to simulate. We simulate because the answer is unknown. The benefits listed above help drive OPS to give fast insight into the process. Don't believe it, try it out.

Inexpensive Analysis

While other simulators charge thousands of dollars to get results, OPS is an online software subscription service at a low yearly rate. Below is a table of the current subscription rates.

  • OPS Student
  • $ 24.99 / year
  • Access to OPS Tool
  • Limited Support
  • 5 Model Max
  • 15 Object Max
  • OPS Pro
  • $ 499.99 / year
  • Access to OPS Tool
  • Web Support
  • 1000 Model Max
  • 5000 Object Max
  • OPS Basic
  • $ 249.99 / year
  • Access to OPS Tool
  • Limited Support
  • 50 Model Max
  • 200 Object Max

Additionally, OPS offers a 7-day money back guarantee. So if it isn't for you, then don't worry about paying. We want customers who find value in the insight that can be gained using this tool. Student and education subscriptions are also available at group rates. Contact us for more information regarding educational subscriptions.

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